Depop recommends posting about 15 items a week to increase your visibility on the app. <>. Selling successfully means making money, great profits, happy customers and more personal growth for you and your Depop brand. Leaving a positive review will up your chances of getting one in return, too. <3). Remember to always include any signs of wear and tear on your photography to give your buyers an idea of what to expect once they bought the item. It can be as easy as scheduling listings in advance or making an effort to take photos when new things come in the mail. Depop suggests keeping them clear and concise with relevant hashtags to boost sales. Please search the subreddit before posting to see if the topic has already been discussed. Depop gives users four photo slots for each item. Remember only to accept offers you are comfortable with. Avoid transacting outside the Depop in order to protect you from fraud and scams. Scrolling through while eating a bowl of cerealnever knowing what cute treasure youre gonna stumble across in your travelswell, its like thrifting but online. And with CEREAL. You can use Depops draft feature to prep your listing before publishing them on your Depop account. Heres how to make the most of this platform, courtesy of some of the apps top sellers. Skinny jeans were popular like two years ago and now everyone wants baggy pants, Jevsevar said. Step 5: Log in to your PayPal account. Join or sign in to find your next job. "What hackers do is figure out technology and experiment with it in ways many people never imagined. Listing often and being consistent in your listing is the first step to becoming successful on Depop. Consistency is a big part of growing your shop and building a strong customer base. ethical room decor: making your space reflect your values, ethical swaps for your fave fast fashion brands . Hannah aka @handpickedbyhannah has been on Depop for three years, and a full-time seller for two years. List Perfectly is a trademark of ListPerfectly, Inc. Vendoo is a trademark of Vendoo, Inc. Poshmark is a trademark of Poshmark, Inc. Mercari is a trademark of Mercari, Inc. Tradesy is a trademark of Tradesy, Inc. Depop is a trademark of Depop Ltd. Etsy is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. Kidizen is a trademark of Kidizen, Inc. Grailed is a trademark of Grailed, Inc. I guess this is what Ive basically been saying the whole time, but once youve got your feed going, youll really be on your way to finding lots of cool items. Here are other ways to see someones shop policies on Depop. Those are listings Depop staff have chosen to feature. This will keep your shop looking authentic and exciting as your unique style will become recognisable. This is also a great trick to keep any comments or queries about your items on top for potential buyers to see. Shop now Sell your way Ive added them to my posts for the meantime (youre right, good idea to have them there anyway), but others are saying the same as you and that they still have them! by Stiletto Socialite | Jan 1, 2021 | Depop, Last Updated on January 7, 2021 by Stiletto Socialite. But trends change, so its best to pay attention and adjust inventory accordingly. The best way to find out if Depop is for you is simple: try it! Preloved. Provide good service. Keep up to date with Simply Business. If you are starting from scratch and have no other method to make yourself appear to be a legitimate seller (i.e. Add your Depop details to your social bios for increased visibility. When using the app, it pays to hop around different users and pages because you never know what gems you'll stumble upon. The fee is deducted from your PayPal or Depop Payments account 21 days after the sale. A good majority of the Depop shop polices state that sales are final sale. Youll need good photos for all items listed on your shop, and thisll help your items sell more quickly. Your buyer may ask you if your shop is open for negotiation. Listing products regularly helps boost your profile to potential customers. If you haven't got a name yet, try out our Business Name Generator for a bit of fun inspiration. Congratulations! Trust your instincts. Always be honest and realistic with your pricing. Requests for feedback on your shop, requests for item authentication, and posting milestones/achievements MUST BE POSTED IN THE DESIGNATED WEEKLY THREAD. Yeah Ive had my policy post up for a little under a year- I had dividers in my shop for a few years though, like 2-3. but I try not to inflate prices above an items true value. Depop should know. For full details, take a look at the full seller handbook blog posts. Sign in to create job . I recently purchased an iPhone through Depop for 300, made sure to check with the seller that they would send next day signed for/tracked delivery and paid safely through depop/paypal with buyer protection. For medium packages, the Depop shipping fee is 9 dollars. Use social media. Ill shoot Depop an email today to ask instead of on Twitter. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. If someone states that they only ship on certain days, or within a certain amount of time, give them the relevant grace period and only chase when youve been kept waiting or not heard back. Package my depop orders with me and see what sold on my depop shop and for how much $$. Depop store with great images attract more customers and is proven to increase sales by 10%. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Finally, finish your description with any extra reasons why a buyer should purchase from you this could be your shops policies or shipping info. It feels a lot like a social media app as you build a community of followers who want to engage with your products. It feels great. Free shipping is an excellent trick in attracting more buyers in adding more orders and placing the orders as soon as possible. This way, shoppers will get all the most important info right at the start, and can keep reading through your description if they want to find out more. Please make sure you've read the community rules, and that your post follows our posting guidelines. Once your shop is up and running, potential buyers may get in touch with questions before they make a purchase. Connect with other sellers by following their shop. If y'all remember I posted how I got banned for hashtags that were FINE. Another tip in ensuring that you upload great photos is by using PhotoRoom to edit the background of your photo. I don't go particularly out of my way to find ISOs of the products, I sell, but I guess it might help some people! Use hashtags to show up in searches. Its actually a bit discouraging if you dont have the proper tools to shop on Depop. Make sure to include the most relevant and accurate keywords that someone might search for to find an item like yours. Plenty of people sell handmade crafts on Depop. The opinions expressed are the sellers own and should not be taken as advice (including legal advice), endorsement or recommendation from Depop. REMINDER: ALL DEPOP USERNAMES MUST BE HIDDEN. Scammed through Depop. Its important on Depop to follow people, seriously. To me, I dont play to cat and mouse game to chase a sale, if you want the item fine then here are my rules if you dont that is fine also. If you're looking for essential tips and tricks to have a successful Depop shop, this blog post is for you. on bundles, see bundle post offers - dont send offers unless the item is above $20 trades - no trades at this time international shipping - not shipping internationally rn If buyers have questions about the items you have for sale, the best way forward is to be open with them. Retail Stock Take Team Leader Salary: 24,100 to 25,500 plus 290 per month car allowance Location: Newport As a Retail Team Leader you will take accountability for managing teams of stock counters, delivering the end to end stock taking service while on our client's sites. Many marketplace sellers post their listings on multiple platforms such as Poshmark, Tradesy, and Mercari to broaden their market and have a higher chance of selling. Join thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Certain things tend to do [better] than others at certain times.. Reviewing to see if they have a shop policy posting in their closet. "It really shows off the item and will make your photos pop. You keep hearing of how important Depop packaging is, but you may wonder how far, How much does it cost to ship with Depop? The names List Perfectly, Vendoo, Crosslist, Poshmark, Tradesy, Mercari, Depop, Grailed, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Kidizen, and Etsy, as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Payments made inside the Depop app also give your shop perks and benefits, such as showing off great feedback from your buyers. Also, Make sure you will only accept payments inside the shopping app. Nothing that I wanted. Think about packaging and a message to include with your item to give a personal touch. According to Depop, this could increase the chance of making a sale by 60%. This way, buyers wont be distracted by what is behind your item. If you havent received an item, give the seller time to track it and feed back before raising it with PayPal. All these things are essential when it comes to how to sell successfully on Depop, and will clear the pathway to your own Depop stardom. Having a model wear the clothes youre trying to sell is your best option, but if you cant, do a flat lay, not a hanger shot. Step 3: Now tap on the 'PayPal account'. So Im going to go and follow them so then maybe they can see my jewelry and see if they like it or not.. Requests for feedback on your shop, requests for item authentication, and posting milestones/achievements MUST BE POSTED IN THE DESIGNATED WEEKLY THREAD. Traffic on the app was up a staggering 74 per cent. Bear in mind the person already loses 10 per cent of the price to seller fees. Not only does this encourage repeat customers, but it also allows shoppers to keep up with what's currently available in your shop. The only difference is that hashtag uses # while keywords and tags use common terms to describe an item the buyer is searching for. Then, add in measurements so its clear how the item will fit. Referrals increase your chances of interviewing at Wahool by 2x. Depop even penalises users who use irrelevant hashtags. Depop, like other online communities, has its own language. Depop ranks 405th among Marketplace sites. You can sell your items through our Service by publishing pictures of the item you want to sell ("Sale Item"). The first tip is simple: list items often! Uploading these certifications can boost your potential customers confidence in buying from your shop and trusting that the items are authentic. Don't restrict yourself to your own social media page, get onto those platforms and youll reach a wider audience because they'll do the marketing for you.. The OneShop Money Mastercard Debit Card is issued by Piermont Bank, Member FDIC. OneShop delists sold items automatically on separate marketplaces to save you time. A positive seller rating over time is going to help encourage more people to buy from your shop. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. More and more people are realising that you can invest in amazing quality, one-of-a-kind clothing that lasts a lot longer than clothes from fast fashion retailers. You can set your Depop Shop Policies in settings. Those giving feedback: Those giving feedback: - Keep criticism kind and constructive. This is an easy tip but, before you get a strong feed (and even when you do) youll have a hard time finding the item you want to find unless you go looking for it. The first thing youll see after signing up is the Top Picks page. I hope Depop adds a "Not for Sale" post option in the near future, that way people can't accidentally purchase a policy post or an ISO post. You can see a Depop user shop policies quickly by looking at the header portion of a user's page. Unless you dont post any policies- do you think its in bad taste to have them? Aaaand after one quick search of linen dress, I fell short. But be sure to use only relevant and accurate hashtags for each item spamming your description with irrelevant hashtags can prevent your listing from showing up in search results. Or copy and paste them to the end of your listings. Make sure youre aware of different regulations and customs rules in the country youre shipping to. REMINDER: ALL DEPOP USERNAMES MUST BE HIDDEN. - Review the quality of seller's general description writing practice. If youre a charity or limited company, you might want to set up a Depop business account. 1. A sub for discussing all things Depop. Just go to or download the Depop app on your mobile device and click "Sign Up". To be fair, Depop give you the opportunity to write your policies, so when someone messages you about an item, your policies are under your username in the message. Thank you!! Many Depop sellers dont know how important it is to have a shop policy. - Sold by @dogearedvtg Streetwear. Browse Depop's streetwear fashion picks and search for must-have items. Trainers. I do see some sellers put a tagline in each listing that says please refer to my shop policies they apply rather you have or have not read them. Do you need a business licence to sell on Depop. Let them know about any issues with sizing, flaws or details on the item. Also, see if a user has updated their shop policies via the Depop app. Come . You can set your Depop Shop Policies in settings The Depop fees are the following: For small packages, the shipping cost is 4.75 dollars. To ensure that packages arrive safely and on time, a sales and shipping label for the . Latest figures from Depop say theres 26 million registered users in 150 countries, with 90 per cent under the age of 26. You should click through them to see examples of successful posts. You can always direct them on your shop policy for questions such as "do you ship internationally?" Disclose any flaws or damages to your buyers to avoid unwanted returned items. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Once a user has placed an order for one of your items and youve taken it to the post office, its not the time to sit back and wait for the money to roll in. Bios are too small, unfortunately :( I've just started putting them in my listings, but then my listings can't be as detailed! This set of words is commonly used by users in finding a specific item they want to purchase. That helped her hit the 1,000-follower mark. While the Arizona native checked in at 6-foot-6, 260 . The tongue in cheek account which posts screengrabs sent by Depop users chronicles everything from users sending stones rather than shoes, to wishing a seller sweet dreams after a single message has been exchanged. Get listing now Depop success stories You can set your shop policies by going to 'Selling Hub > Shop policies'. Depop gives users four photo slots for each item. Youll also need to think about fees. They will always be shown first (at least that is what its like for me on the app). rise in online searches for sustainable fashion. Are you going to be shipping internationally? Eventually youll browse aimlessly and that itemll come to you, but at first you gotta head in with a goal in mind. We will dive into that today, but in summary: Depop shop policies helps buyers know the terms of the sales they are entering into so there are no surprises. Here, youll see all of the items they have their eye on and, thus, be able to look at those peoples shops if you like them too. Every selling journey and shop on Depop is unique in its own way. Having a consistent look for your photos can help your buyers understand what your shop is all about. They sometimes run special offers for sellers, so keep an eye out for Depop no fees deals by following Depop on Twitter. Raise your prices! So one-upping your competition in the detail of your transactions is a shrewd business move. If this happens, they wont show up in search results and they cant be featured on the Explore page, warn the apps guidelines. Second, you need to check out Depop. Take good photos in natural lighting I suggest taking good pictures for the most part. After your shop is set up,. Some may request just a little off or a discount on bundled items. Your Depop shop name is probably going to be your brand name so you can build a brand identity. Once upon a time, your girl Aspen was on a mad hunt for a midi-length linen button-up dress. The prices are also. A sub for discussing all things Depop. Anyway, since not everyone is as nice as them and wont agree to ship internationally, and because international shipping can get very expensive, Depop prioritizes domestic items. This also helps keep your store in front of potential buyers who may not be following you. Ciara Ainsley McLaren is a contributor to The Penny Hoarder. Follow as many shops and stylists as you can. Looking to turn your Depop shop into a success story? To avoid repeat questions about the specifics of your item, or disputes about the condition, ensure you mention all the details of an item in your description or add photos of the details. ago. Leaving a review of your buyer is a great way to encourage them to leave one for you. Look through your Instagram feed and see if your friends or style icons have a Depop account. Thoughts?? It must've been cuz I mentioned the BBB.. Want to see more about how Depop and Poshmark stack up against each other? Posting regularly often helps create a demand for the items in your shop. | Cookies Settings, Depop lets sellers post items, which customers can scroll through until they see something they want to buy. Designer. Press J to jump to the feed. According to these three sellers, it's all about lighting, lighting, lighting. As much as possible, always make it a win-win situation. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. If you are making the item, always consider the time allotted in making the item, materials, and running cost. If youre starting out or do not want to be lazy like me decide up front how you should handle. I contacted Depop through Twitter, and I got a quick reply telling me its because they dont allow posts that arent selling anything! 6th Floor.css-mfz5zy{display:block;height:10px;}99 Gresham StreetLondonEC2V 7NG, Sol House29 St Katherine's StreetNorthamptonNN1 2QZ. Remember that beautiful picnic dress I was going on about before? But if you have a dream item, check out the international selection!! And while youre probably familiar with eBay, Depop is specifically for fashion and has a younger audience ready to buy pre-loved items. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For large packages, the shipping fee is 12 dollars. or "do you accept negotiations for this item?." Itll be right below what Depop gives you for domestic items. But thesecret of how to be a successful Depop seller lies in setting your shop up well, communicating with your customers openly and building your own personal brand. Choose a name for your shop. Depop sellers can earn a pretty penny selling limited edition designer goods, hand-crafted accessories, or even just cleaning out their closets. Here are other ways to see someones shop policies on Depop. Heart eyes emojis galore. Vintage. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. (ALSO I don't know where the best place is to have this plug butif you wanna follow me on Depop my handle is @aspeniris. It can be as easy as scheduling listings in advance or making an effort to take photos when new things come in the mail. It's as easy as setting up a profile, snapping a picture of the item you want to sell, and uploading. Follow these seven steps for how to sell on Depop. Depop also sells convenient shipping labels in-app. If you have an existing shop but want to reach more customers, using a platform like Depop with millions of users can help get your brand out there. If youre serious about buying an item and have questions which arent answered by the listing then by all means the seller should answer your queries.
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